Where are these radiowaves heard?

One of AWR’s main objectives is to share the message of God’s love with people living in the 72 countries within the 10/40 window. This area is located between 10 and 40 degrees north latitude – a region spanning North Africa, the Middle East, and a large portion of Asia/Pacific. More than four billion people – two-thirds of the world’s population – live in the 10/40 window, and less than two percent of them are Christian.

We also broadcast programs throughout Asia, Africa, and much of Europe. Through a partnership with the South American Division Media Center, our programs are also heard across Central and South America. AWR’s Internet podcasts can be accessed anywhere in the world.

The great advantage of shortwave broadcasts is that the signals can travel for thousands of miles, enabling programs to be transmitted from far away and reach into places that are closed to religious programs in local media. In areas with more freedom, AWR uses local AM/FM radio to broadcast to specific cities and surrounding areas. Satellites are used to deliver programs to radio networks or directly to homes.

It is a challenge to calculate the exact number of countries that AWR reaches, since signals fluctuate and numerous radio stations access our downlinks throughout the year. But we estimate that our various shortwave and AM/FM broadcasts are able to reach more than two thirds of the world’s population.

Broadcast Languages

AWR currently broadcasts programs in 80 languages, and we are always working to find production partners and funding for more. VIEW PROGRAM LIST

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